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Oil leaking container ship might cause environmental catastrophe

Sunday, January 21, 2007

In the United Kingdom, an anti-pollution operation is under way after the stricken ship MSC Napoli started to leak dangerous heavy fuel oil.

The heavy fuel oil that is leaking from the beached Italian ship is extremely dangerous for the environment. Fear of pollution increased after the ship was further damaged during storms last Thursday. MSC Napoli was beached by Devon coastguards after it suffered heavy structual damage in the gale force storms of Thursday, 18 January 2007, that wreaked havoc across Northern Europe. The ship, which contains 160 containers of hazardous chemical substances, is listing at 35 degrees.

The entire 26-man crew was rescued by navy helicopters Thursday after severe gales. Cracks were found on both sides of the ship, but the current oil leak was not expected.

Around 2,400 containers were carried by the 62,000 tonne ship, some of which contain potentially dangerous hazardous chemicals.

The Coastguards have reported that up to 200 of the containers carrying materials such as perfume and battery acid are loose from the ship and they are looking for missing containers. South African stainless steel producer Columbus Stainless confirmed on Friday that there was at least 1,000 tonnes of nickel on board MSC Napoli.

A hole in the ship flooded the engine room and there’s now fears that the ship will break up. Saturday MSC Napoli was towed to Portland when a ”structural failure” forced the salvage team to beach it. As the storms have continued MSC Napoli has been further damaged.

The authorities have warned people about the pollution, which already has reached the beaches at Devon, but many want to see it on their own. Police have closed Branscombe Beach as more than 20 containers have broken up scattering their contents along the beach.

Sky News reported Sunday that the costs of the accident might be very high as thousands of pounds worth of BMW motorbikes, car parts, empty oak barrels and perfume might get lost in flooding containers.

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2012 netball ANZ Championship kicks off

Thursday, April 5, 2012

In the opening round of the 2012 ANZ Championship this past weekend, the Southern Steel beat the Bay of Plenty Magic in Invercargill, New Zealand by a score of 49–47, while over in Brisbane, Australia, the defending champion Queensland Firebirds lost to the Melbourne Vixens by a score of 47–42. The wins by the Steel and the Vixens are considered by those who follow the netball league to be major upsets.

The Firebirds’ loss this past Sunday was their first in fifteen games extending back to last season. Last season’s championship is not a harbinger of success this season, as every season since the league was founded in 2008, the defending champions have failed to finish in the top four and attempt to repeat their title claim. Going into the game, the teams had played eight games against each other, splitting the record at 4 wins each. The Vixens’ win can be credited to several players including English national team player Geva Mentor, and returning Vixen stars Bianca Chatfield and Julie Corletto. The Firebirds’ loss involved poor shooting and bad passing. Firebird captain Laura Geitz’s quality play could not overcome other difficulties on the court for her team.

In the Magic versus Steel game, the teams were tied at 44–44 with five minutes left in the game. The local crowd were behind the Steel, and they finished the game ahead by two baskets. The Magic’s coach blames the loss partly on not preparing adequately to play against the Steel’s Donna Wilkins, who gave birth to her third child in January of this year. She also partly blames the loss on several errors. Jess Waitapu made her debut for the Magic because teammate Julianna Naoupu had health problems that impacted her ability to play.

On Sunday in Auckland, the favored LG Northern Mystics held on to defeat the Haier Central Pulse 51–47. Silver Ferns member Maria Tutaia was replaced by coach Debbie Fuller in favor of Grace Rasmussen, with Rasmussen making six out of seven shots to help put the game away for her team. The Mystics had six fewer shots than the visiting Pulse, but had a better shooting percentage which proved to be a decisive factor in the game.

In Perth on Monday, the West Coast Fever beat the Easiyo Canterbury Tactix by a score of 55–35. The Tactix were back home in Christchurch on Tuesday. The team’s captain Maree Bowden and coach Leigh Gibbs were disappointed in the team’s performance but believed there were some positives and room for improvement.

The West Coast Fever are the only Australian side in the competition to never have won the league’s championship, with their best ever finish being seventh in the ten-team competition. In September of last year, following the Australian victory at the Netball World Championships held in Singapore in July, the Fever signed Australian national team coach Norma Plummer as the club’s new coach. stuff.co.nz’s Chris Barclay believes this means the Fever have a chance of winning, especially following a pre-season that included two wins, a tie to the Firebirds and a single loss. She has sought to instill a greater sense of discipline in her players, not taking excuses for missing practices with the exception of Australian Diamond Susan Fuhrmann who is recovering from a chronic knee injury. She also sought to improve the Fever’s roster with the inclusion of England national netball team player Eboni Beckford-Chamber and former Swifts player Catherine Cox.

The Tactix are to play the Swifts at home this coming Monday in the second round. They have not beaten an Australian team since 2009. In the third round, the Tactix will play the Steel, in a game stuff.co.nz’s writer Matt Richens believes they can win.

In Adelaide this past Saturday, the Adelaide Thunderbirds beat the NSW Swifts by a score of 57–40.

Australian Diamond goal attack Sharelle McMahon has taken the season off from the Vixens as a result of pregnancy.

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Molten steel kills 32 workers in Liaoning,China

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Molten steel spilled out and killed 32 workers at the Qinghe Special Steel Corporation mill in the city of Tieling in Liaoning province, China.

The ladle containing 1,500-degree-Celsius liquid steel poured into an open room, where employees take breaks in-between shift changes, at 7:45 a.m. local time. At least 6 others were injured, one of them critically.

“It is the most serious accident to hit China’s steel industry since 1949,” said China’s deputy head of the State Administration of Work Safety, Sun Huashan.

At least 4 workers have been arrested after the accident. The manager of mill, an operator, technician and a supervisor of a workshop were all arrested and are being questioned as an investigation in launched into what caused the accident to occur.

El Wire Offers A Glimpse Into Future Fashion Trends

EL wire offers a glimpse into future fashion trends


Ewan Fisher

EL wire , or electroluminescent wire to give it its full name, is beginning to make waves in the fashion world.

Creative designers are increasingly looking for new ways to challenge convention and traditional thinking. And they ve stumbled upon one of the most revolutionary materials to do just that.

EL wire is a thin copper wire coated in phosphor that glows when an alternating current flows through it. It has a variety of uses, including for safety lighting and toys. However, when it is attached to clothing its power really grabs attention.

Re-defining design

YouTube Preview Image

Because EL wire is thin and flexible it is ideal for incorporating into clothing design. In addition, although it s a lightweight material, EL wire is still sturdy enough to be manipulated effectively.

It can be used for a variety of garments and it has been noted that EL wire is often easier to work with than LEDs.

Of course, clothing comes in all different shapes, sizes, colours and materials. It s handy then that EL wire is so accommodating and is obtainable in a multitude of lengths and thicknesses. Just remember to use an appropriate EL driver to support the length you require.

Once you ve assembled your tools and materials, it s time to get on with the fun part. Sure, the logistics of sewing EL wire onto a garment do require some research and thought. But if you re a budding creative then you re not scared of a challenge?

The truth is it doesn t take a huge amount of knowledge to wire up a simple yet striking configuration. Also, if you go online, many hobbyists are willing to share their own tricks.

Controlling your own look

Besides the wire itself, microcontrollers and EL sequencers are required. Then you can effectively programme your design into becoming an all-singing, all-dancing and illuminating spectacle.

Sequencers are widely available and can be used to turn wires on and off to create your own patterns. Many will utilise easily downloadable software such as the Arduino platform.

It s then up to you to decide what ingenious flashing sequence you wish to employ. Then simply make the connections between the appropriate pieces of equipment and you re done.

But won t your garments start to smell after a while? Surely you can t wash them? Well, you can but of course it s advisable to unplug the sequencer and gently handwash the item. A little common sense is required.

EL wire fashion shows are becoming increasingly popular. Every garment can be tailored to make use of funky illuminations that really help the wearer stand out from the crowd.

The term geek chic is ideally matched to describing the rise of EL wire in the fashion world. However, it s not just electronics enthusiasts hidden away in their bedrooms who are thinking up new ways to pair EL wire and clothing.

A new breed of designers are starting to dream up designs that could make the use of EL wire in the fashion world a widespread avant-garde reality.

EL Wire

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Investigators blame pilot error for AirAsia crash into Java Sea

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Investigators blame pilot error for AirAsia crash into Java Sea
Author: 5LTck8

25 Sep

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee yesterday declared pilot error to be behind the crash of Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501. All 162 passengers and crew died when the plane crashed into the Java Sea a year ago.

The Airbus A320-200 was around 40 minutes from Surabaya’s Juanda International Airport to Singapore’s Changi International Airport when it vanished on December 28. Wreckage and bodies were found floating two days later; National Search and Rescue Agency divers led an international recovery effort but over 50 bodies remain lost.

The pilots were facing a fault with the rudder travel limiter, a part involved in rudder control. They repeatedly received warnings on their Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring (ECAM) system. The first three times Indonesian Pilot Iriyanto and French co-pilot Remi Emmanuel Plesel followed correct procedure only for the fault to recur. The fourth time, they tried something else — based on Flight Data Recorder readouts, investigators believe they reset power to their Flight Augmentation Computers.

The computers are principally responsible for rudder control and aircraft stability. With both computers switched off, the entire fly-by-wire system of semi-automation disconnected, as did the autopilot and autothrust systems. The pilots were now left to fly entirely manually, without automation that protects the aircraft from entering unusual and dangerous positions.

A miscommunication followed. Iriyanto asked Plesel, who was flying, to “pull down”. Plesel pulled the controls down, which pitched the nose up; Iriyanto had wanted to descend. The flight ascended without permission through 36,000ft with a ground speed of 353knts. The aircraft would normally be travelling faster, with a nearby Emirates jet at a ground speed of 503knts at 36,000ft. The aircraft also banked as the disengagement of automation left the rudder off-centre.

The AirAsia flight reached 38,000ft and entered a stall. The crew did not manage to regain control. The 155 passengers and seven crew died when the plane hit the sea. Most were Indonesians, but for three South Koreans, one Malaysian, one Brit, and French national Plesel.

The fault was traced to cracked solder on a circuit board. It had repeatedly occurred in the weeks before the crash. The investigation concluded maintenance failings contributed to the disaster, but Muhammad Alwi of the Indonesian Transportation Ministry said “Repeated trouble in maintenance is a normal thing[…] If the trouble is fixed in accordance with the manual maintenance procedures, then it’s alright”.

Investigators believe the solder crack is attributable to extreme temperature changes in the unprotected compartment near the tail that houses the component.

The investigation further found the flight crew were untrained in recovering from extreme events. AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes said yesterday “there is much to be learned here for AirAsia, the manufacturer and the aviation industry… We will not leave any stone unturned to make sure the industry learns from this tragic incident”.

The report also dismisses weather as a contributory factor. The flight was diverting around storms in the area.

Iriyanto and Plessel had over 8,000 hours experience between them. Iriyanto had a decade of experience training other pilots, and previous employers include the air force. They spent three minutes struggling to regain control as the pane fell to the sea. Some bodies were recovered around 1,000km away near Sulawesi.

AFP spoke to Terence Fan, an air industry expert from Singapore Management University, who said “It’s a scenario that has played out in air accidents in the past[…] Pilots are either distracted by a faulty equipment or cannot properly solve the issue and something else is brewing in the background.”

One such accident was the loss of Air France Flight 447 in 2009 into the Atlantic. It was investigated by the BEA of France, which also assisted the AirAsia probe. The BEA issued recommendations on how to train pilots after the Air France crash. Ex-BEA boss Jean-Paul Troadec said to AFP “Several recommendations of the (BEA) on the subject of pilot training were clearly not implemented by [AirAsia].”

Indonesia saw such an accident on New Years’ Day 2007 when Adam Air Flight 574 crashed into the Makasser Strait near Sulawesi. The plane suffered a failure on a navigational instrument. While pilots were troubleshooting for this navigational system they first unintentionally disconnected the autopilot, then lost control and crashed into the sea.

Steelmaker Corus to cut 2000 jobs in the UK and Netherlands

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Steelmaker Corus to cut 2000 jobs in the UK and Netherlands
Author: 5LTck8

25 Sep

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Corus, the fifth largest steelmaker in the world, is set to cut 2000 jobs in both the United Kingdom and The Netherlands. 123 jobs are reported to be going in the Netherlands with the remainder from the United Kingdom. Corus have blamed the move on the “further deterioration” of the demand for steel in both the United States and Europe.

Corus Chief Executive Kirby Adams stated, “Any recovery in Europe appears to be some time off”. He added that Corus have to achieve “long-term sustainable competitiveness in a global and over-supplied steel market”. In January of this year Corus cut approximately 3,500 staff worldwide; 2,500 of them in Britain.

Peter Hogg, a commercial director at Corus, reported that the company was surprised at the extent of the global recession. He added that it is clear a full recovery is years away.

Some plants have been hit harder than others. Scunthorpe will lose 500 members of staff, with 379 going at Stocksbridge and 377 at Rotherham. Corus will also reduce operations at Hartlepool, Skinningrove and their Teesside Beam Mill, in Cleveland, where an additional 2,000 already face redundancy. A total of 11 plants in the United Kingdom are affected.

Elliot Morley, Labour Member of Parliament for Scunthorpe, told the BBC that he was disappointed with the job cuts and said he had previously told Corus that they should be a last resort. He added that this was a “sad day” for Scunthorpe.

The Community union general secretary Michael Leahy said that it was “devastating news” and spoke of his concerns for the integrity of the British steel industry.

Corus has the second largest steelmaking operation in Europe. The company was bought in 1999 by Tata Steel, part of India’s Tata Group. The company has around 50,000 employees worldwide.

News briefs:June 8, 2010

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News briefs:June 8, 2010
Author: 5LTck8

25 Sep

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Apple unveils iPhone 4, iOS 4 at Worldwide Developers Conference 2010

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Apple unveils iPhone 4, iOS 4 at Worldwide Developers Conference 2010
Author: 5LTck8

25 Sep

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yesterday, at this year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), company CEO Steve Jobs unveiled iPhone 4, along with the new iOS 4 operating system for Apple mobile devices.

The announcement was long-awaited but not a very big surprise. In April, the technology blog Gizmodo obtained a prototype of the new phone and published details of it online. While introducing iPhone 4, at the annual conference, Jobs started by hinting at the incident, saying, “Stop me if you’ve already seen this.”

The new iPhone was praised by Jobs as “the biggest leap we’ve taken since the original iPhone.” It is only 9.3 millimetres (0.37 inches) thick, making it “the thinnest smartphone on the planet”, a 24 percent reduction from Apple’s previous model, the iPhone 3GS. Structure-wise, iPhone 4 has a new stainless steel frame, which acts as an antenna, supposedly boosting its signal reception abilities and possibly reducing the amount of dropped calls. It also has a new screen, dubbed a “retina display,” which displays images at 326 pixels per inch. During the keynote, Jobs demoed the device’s new internal gyroscope as well. Even though it now uses Apple’s faster A4 processor (first used in its iPad tablet), iPhone 4 has a claimed seven hours of 3G talk time, up two hours from the 3GS.

In addition to its design features, Jobs showed off iPhone 4’s new video calling abilities. This feature is called FaceTime, and connects with other iPhone 4s via Wi-Fi. The phone has two cameras: one on the front for video chats, and one on the back for taking pictures and other videos. The rear camera has a resolution of five megapixels, is capable of recording high-definition video, and has an LED flash.

The iPhone 4 will use Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 4. Formerly “iPhone OS,” iOS 4 was first introduced by Apple in April, and includes multitasking capabilities. Jobs called the new software “the most advanced mobile operating system in the world.” iOS will support Apple’s new mobile advertising service, iAd, which goes live on July 1.

iPhone 4 will be available on June 24 in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Japan. It comes in two colors—black and white—and two storage capacities. The 16GB version is priced at US$199 and the 32GB version at US$299. The iPhone 3GS’s price will be reduced to US$99, and the iPhone 3G will be discontinued. iOS will be available as a free software update to users of compatible older Apple devices (including the 3GS) on June 21. In the U.S., iPhone 4 will only be available on AT&T‘s cellular network, despite calls for Apple to let the iPhone be used on other carriers, such as Verizon.

Competition-wise, the BlackBerry mobile device is still the most popular smartphone right now. Apple is also facing some serious competition from web giant Google’s Android operating system, as well as Palm‘s webOS. Earlier this year, Android phones managed to outsell iPhones. iPhone users, however, account for over half of those surfing the Internet on a mobile browser in the U.S. Jobs also noted that over five billion iOS applications, commonly called “apps,” have been purchased from Apple’s App Store. The App Store currently has around 225,000 different apps for sale.


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25 Sep

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Garden Furniture Suppliers 04

Garden Furniture Suppliers 04


Kris Pate

What\’s the first thought that comes by your mind if you hear \”resin patio furnishings\” or \”plastic patio furniture\”? Is the word low-cost or flimsy? You are not alone. But what chances are you\’ll not know is it is the newest development and spreading fast.

As we speak\’s producers make resin and plastic patio furniture in such a approach that it intently resembles painted wood. There are some that make their plastic Adirondack chairs and resin patio furnishings out of Polymer. This materials is made from HDPE which is a excessive density version of polyethylene plastic. It is a laborious, strong, and heavy plastic resin that has been purified and UV protected. Different producers use EnviroWood which is a synthetic wooden substitute produced from one hundred% recycled plastic bottles and containers. The plastic is permeated with UV stabilized coloring that\’s consistent throughout.

YouTube Preview Image

Plastic Adirondack chairs and furniture have been designed for consolation and are built to last. They are unaffected by sun, rain, snow, even chlorine and saltwater. There is no want to color or sand your plastic or resin patio furnishings or apply a therapy seasonally. It does not rot, warp, crack or splinter. And because the furnishings has stable colour all through, you possibly can go away your plastic Adirondack chairs exterior year-spherical because they won\’t fade.

With such life-long features, it\’s no surprise why people are getting offered on plastic and resin patio furniture. You probably have not heard enough, the maintenance-free attribute bears repeating. Outside of caring for and cleansing your furnishings with soap and warm water, you\’ll be able to \”sit again, chill out and neglect about it\” says Poly-Wood, Inc. And if by likelihood you get a tough stain requiring extra cleansing energy, similar to a bleach/water combination or a power wash, you can do so without affecting the color of your furniture.

Most plastic furniture producers, if not all, use stainless steel hardware in their development process. The hardware used has a excessive degree of corrosive resistance that complements the already unique nature of the furniture permitting you to depart it outdoors year-round. The solid, heavy-duty building keeps all furnishings fabricated from recycled plastic or resin on your deck or in your yard. A plastic Adirondack chair, on average, weighs between forty five to 50 lbs. Flimsy is unquestionably not the best adjective to explain this furniture.

And that is not all. Plastic and resin patio furnishings comes in a wide range of colours and styles. The Adirondack type has been a very popular model for plastic furniture. With plastic Adirondack chairs, benches and swings, yow will discover a classic, curved again or shellback style. Along with those choices you can select colours corresponding to white, patina, pure, teak, inexperienced and even vigorous colours corresponding to flamingo, caribbean blue, and banana.

Though you may spend somewhat more for plastic and resin patio furniture kinds, you will discover it is an funding value considering. Whether or not you\’re on the lookout for furnishings to place on a rustic seaside deck or for a proper backyard, chances are you\’ll find precisely what you\’re on the lookout for in among the extensive collection of plastic Adirondack chairs and furniture.

I love write about house improvment, hope my article will help you full

Garden Furniture Suppliers

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