By Terry Devene

1. Mexico City

Mexico City is worldwide famous for its nightlife, many bars, great clubs and discos. Thus, if you are looking for a wild and quite cheap night out, take a tour of this wonderful city. One of the most popular destinations is Bar Jorongo. Prepare yourself for the ultimate Mexican experience, as the mariachi take the stage; and with the price range covering just about $7 this is truly the place to be.

2. China, the Hunan Providence

The Hunan Province is a region of extraordinary natural beauty spanning for over 264 sq. km that also includes 2 nature reserves and a national park. This Chinese province is one those unique places that has certainly a lot to offer ussualy more than it is included tourism packages. Prices at hotels vary from $20 to $60 per night.

3. Calcutta Festival of Colors

The festival of colors or Holi its an extraordinary one of a kind festival celebrated through out India. The best places to witness this festival are big cities such as Calcutta (the cultural capital of India). Prepare yourself to be astonished when seeing both young and old people drenched with colors: red, blue, green every color you can imagine. You can easily find accommodations and it will cost approximately 200$/ per day at five star hotel or $25 a night at different 3 star resorts.

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4. Slovakia

Slovakia has some of the best ski resorts in Europe and one of the most visited is trbske Pleso. There are many hotels where you can stay and most of them offer different discounts during both winter and summer thus a three day vacation may cost around $170 or you can always camp in specially arranged areas.

5. Thailand, Phi Phi Islands

If you always dreamed to visit an exotic island than the Phi Phi Islands are the place for you. Once you are here you will most definitely feel youre in heaven: white sandy beaches, vibrant coral reefs, crystal clear waters and blue ski above what more you can ask for. If your think these all sounds good, but also very expensive you couldnt be more wrong considering that a room at a 3 star hotel cost around $30.

6. Brazil, Rio Carnival

Looking for the wildest party ever than try to get in Rio in time for the carnival; this is for sure the most exotic, fun, colorful and crazy party youll ever be a part of. Besides partying you can also go to the beach to enjoy that beautiful Brazilian sun. Rio de Janeiro is one of the largest metropolises worldwide thus it would be very easy to find some cheap hotels.

7. Morocco, Tangier

Tangier, Morocco is not one of the most popular tourist destinations but is certainly is one the finest and cheapest. Whit beautiful beaches and big mountains surrounding them Tangier makes a great holiday destination for everyone. You can stay at a 3 star hotel with $29 per night and this is without taking in consideration the discounts.

8. Roatan Island, Honduras

Roatan Island is one of the wildest Caribbean islands near the coast of Honduras. This is truly one of the few unspoiled islands remaining. With high temperatures all year you can visit this place in just about any season. Nothing can stop you to enjoy those warm turquoise waters, white beaches and an incredible barrier reef. Prices vary depending whether you want to stay at a hotel house or beach lodge (from $8 to $175 per night)

9. Greece Agistri

Agistri was not inhabited until 1920 and with a current population of only 1000 people this is the perfect holiday destination is you simply want to relax and unwind. This secluded and mystic island with shallow water and pine forests is the perfect family destination. Hotel prices differ but you can find a room at approximately $25.

10. Africa, Tanzania

Adventure, loots of stories to tell your friends, is this, what youre looking for? Experience the extreme and wild on the Serengeti Safari. Feeling a bit dare devilish try spending the night in the bush accompanied of course by a trained guide. Serengeti is renowned for the wildebeest migration: 2 millions zebras gnu antelopes, impalas, gazelles, elephants start a long journey looking for the green grass closely followed by lions, leopards, cheetahs and hyenas.

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