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A true Life Jehovahs Witness Story The full article is here : Jehovahs Witness Beliefs

The following 2 years of college and the witnesses laid down many patterns which i have seen repeated continuously across forums and other members’ stories. It’s normal for kids to rebel – it is a natural process of testing their boundaries and becoming adults. In an ordinary situation this phase finally gives way to rounded teens who have had their fun and are prepared to slot into society. With the Jehovah’s Witnesses this phase is longer, and in a number of cases leads to lasting damage – as the teen adopts a personality which always attempts to find boundaries and push beyond them.

At this time every single ‘young one’ in the congregation had either been smoking, drinking, engaging in unethical behavior, and in certain cases taking ‘soft’ drugs. Not a single person between 14-18 was free from this behaviour. I know because I was right there concerned with them. We had a status quo – you do not tell on me – I won’t tell on you. This situation was end as I turned sixteen.

The seeds for this shattering of the established order started much earlier with the son of Elder-Evil, himself a pompous twit, frequently reporting minor infractions to the Elders. I recall being in difficulty for ‘violent’ software games – this was back in the times of sprites on the screen, vs today’s GTA and other genuinely violent games.

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I don’t recall precisely what started the subsequent 2 years fight, but I remember this 5 foot hobbit and his dad, deciding that my music tastes were anti-Jehovah – and pushing for a full censure. Since I had some ‘dirt’ on him, I made sure this was also brought to the elders’ attention. And so we started a tit for tat war that ultimately concerned the whole congregation.

I did not help the situation by growing a goatee beard and showing up to witness B.B.Q.s with Metallica t-shirts. The key difference was that while I was openly rebellious, the youngsters of this Elder were extraordinarily God fearing in the congregation but away from their dads eyes – they were just as non Christian as I.

by the time my 16th birthday arrived 5 youngsters had already left and one was seriously unwell with anorexia. I was now this Elders primary target, and the accusations had increased to immorality, mysticism, alcoholism, and virtually everything else they could think of. I at last admitted to some immorality with his child – which further infuriated this elder, though that is what I wanted!

The congregation of 35-40 members was fractured right down the centre with certain families ignoring each other. There was no ‘Christian-love’ and the atmosphere in the meetings was acidic. Elders would ‘stare down’ other elders during talks and these talks would be used as attack platforms with whole diatribes focused on how tough an individual member was.

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About the Author: Wonder what the people who call on your door believe.


This site tells the true story of growing up as a Jehovah Witness – and its not pleasant.



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  • Dieting Dilemma: When Life Gets in the Way


    Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP

    Life has a way of fouling up our the best laid plans. First you decide to keep your car cleaner, “I’ll wash it every Saturday morning.” Great, you have a plan. Saturday comes along and someone calls inviting you to go golfing. You think, “I was going to wash the car, but I’ll do it when I get back,” and off you go. Maybe you do wash the car later that day, but maybe you tell yourself, “I’ll wash it next Saturday. It really wasn’t that dirty.”

    Next week Saturday comes along and someone invited you camping so you’re in the woods thinking, “Oh, well, I can’t wash the car from here, can I?”

    Another Saturday rolls around and you’ve forgotten all about your car washing plan, so even though you’re not doing anything else you’re thinking, “I don’t really FEEL like washing the car right now. I’ll do it later,” and so it goes.

    “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” — John Lennon

    It happens to all of us. You join the gym and immediately get the flu. Sign up for a adult education class and you’re car breaks down on the first night. When you need to water the grass there’s no rain in sight, but wash the car and what happens? These examples aren’t meant to give you a pessimistic outlook but instead point out why persistence in the face of obstacles is what separates the haves from the have nots.

    It’s not what happens but what you DO with what happens that matters.

    The best approach is one-day-at-a-time, or even lesser intervals depending on what you are attempting to do. If you’re trying to quit smoking, you might want to take things half-an-hour at a time. With food or eating it can be one meal at a time, one hunger pang or craving at a time, or whatever interval works for you.

    Choose your Time Interval then Make it Happen

    If you say you’ll never do something again (smoke, overeat, over drink) it never lasts (you must build in the possibility of occasional lapse), but if you wake up in the morning and decide for that day, and only that day, that you will follow through with your plan, for just that one day, then it can and will happen. There’s a real rush of accomplishment when you wake up and realize that yesterday you did it; you accomplished what you set out to do. Each accomplishment make it just that much easier to decide again to follow-through and it gets easier and easier.

    Let the successes build, and let the lapses pass. It takes practice to get proficient no matter what you are learning, so plan to persist. Small lapses aren’t failures, they are only lapses, and you then decided for the next time period. Doing this allows you to pre-plan when you know you’ll not stick to your eating plan, thereby making it okay on occasion to over indulge. Holidays, special occasions. People who maintain a healthy weight do this all the time without thinking. When you give yourself permission to indulge, it’s amazing how much less you’ll feel like indulging. Take away the forbidden fruit and it’s just an apple.

    Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP, EFT & NLP Weight Loss Coach and author of “Changing Beliefs, Your First Step to Permanent Weight Loss” herself lost 80 pounds over 18 years ago. Learn how she lost the weight, and now maintains that weight loss using her EFT and NLP techniques.

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    Dieting Dilemma: When Life Gets in the Way


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