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Strategy games make us smarter. Computer games are also being used to treat various learning and language disabilities. Game training devices provide a fun and interesting tool to correct language disabilities, but they are also a much more affordable option than many alternatives.

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They encourage the player to try different ways of learning and thinking, which can be experienced as both frustrating and life-enhancing.

Computer games can stimulate the brain. Every time you play and you have to think up of strategies to win or ways to solve a puzzle your brain cells are definitely getting a fantastic workout!

Another benefit of online and computer gaming is that it is a great way to connect with people.

Games have educational uses, for example, teaching economic skills like negotiating and purchasing strategies, and are used in college level economics courses to do so.

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Gaming teaches problem solving skills. Players are given a set of rules to follow and must figure out the best strategy for achieving the goals set in the gaming context. If the game has multiple players or teams, the problem solving is done in a social context, which teaches people to communicate and cooperate.

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This is a forum for Gamers by Gamers, We organize allot of Tournaments and Leagues so you will have a chance to join in and enjoy playing competitively against other users of this site.

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  • Get that burden off your head Ayurveda solves the Migraine riddle


    john michel cane

    Most of us are not aware that a painful attack of migraine can be the result of our unhealthy life style. People suffering from frequent migraine attacks usually avoid fun activities and eventually have to settle with the pain usually mild to excruciating. In some cases, daily or alternate intake of migraine relieving drugs also result in the aggravation of the problem.

    How to identify migraine?

    Everyone suffers from headache in some form or the other due to various reasons. Typically, migraine also called vascular headache, which can be caused by the constriction and dilation of the blood vessels and the pain that is associated with the condition is usually recurrent in nature. It is the second most suffered form of headaches in the world and is three times more common in women than men. Migraine widely affects individuals from the age group of 15-55 years. All kinds of migraines cause pain. However, its severity differs from one individual to another. In the classic migraine cases, the sufferer encounters strange visual changes in the form of sparkling or flashlight or zigzag lines, referred to as auras.

    Causes of migraine:

    There are many factors responsible for the onset of migraine; some of the common reasons are

    – Improper sleep and wake cycle is observed as one of the main causes for migraine pain.

    – Inflammation of blood vessels due to intake of medicines

    – Untimely intake of food

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    – Excessive exposure to sunlight, fluorescent lights and prolong viewing of TV and movies

    – Underlying case of depression also triggers migraine in some cases

    – Intake of certain foods

    – Hormonal imbalances

    – Stress and anxiety

    People suffering from migraine are often left with little choice but to bear the pain or wait for it to subside. Various health experts have agreed on few remedies for migraines that are believed to help deal with the problem effectively, namely maintaining a healthy lifestyle inclusive of regular physical exercises and nutritious food.

    It is also important that a person monitor and rectify one s diet, sleep and other psychological patterns. The best practice is to keep nicotine away from your daily routines. Besides, intake of herbal supplements is known to extensively help in overcoming the problem. Ayurvedic treatment or other natural therapy is a safer option to follow considering the fact that these methods are free from harmful side-effects. Some of the popular plants used as herbal medicine in treating migraine are:-

    – Chamomile

    – Dandelion Root

    – Rosemary

    – Yucca Root

    – Gotu Kola

    – Ginkgo Biloba

    MigCare is an herbal supplement, made up of a combination of the purest herbs and has shown excellent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and restorative properties. This natural health supplement is 100% natural and safe, a very effective remedy to help you fight against migraine attack. The remarkable all natural MigCare formula is invaluable in immobilizing the pain and discomfort.

    If side-effects of strong drugs are what you are worried of, then it s time you take a U-turn and try natural remedy.

    Natural Ayurvedic Care is creating finest natural products for various purposes. We offer

    Ayurvedic herbal products

    treatment for bone loss,

    migraine headaches

    , cough and kidney stones.

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